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Can I pay online?


Yes, our online system is created when you register for a class. Find the link below:

How do fundraisers at Tumble Express work?

You will sell the items available and a percentage of the profit will be added to your account as a credit. Each fundraiser is it's own and the percentage of the profit will vary depending on the price the distributor charges.

Is there a yearly fee?

Yes, every year a fee of $35 per family is due. This is to ensure we can keep up with normal wear and tear and to keep new things coming to the gym.

Is there a discount for multiple children?

Yes, please contact the gym for discount information.

What do I do if I miss a class?

Open gyms and backhandspring classes can be used for makeup classes. You can also make up a missed class another day, but it has to be within the same 6 week session.

What is open gym?

The gym is open for makeups, extra practice, or to be able to burn energy. A staff member is present to supervise.

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